Welcome to Penguin English School!

What kind of school are we?

We are a small scale, but serious English conversation school that focuses on English conversation and test preparation courses for children and adults. Among our students, we are well known for the friendly, at-home atmosphere we create in the classroom and school. We pride ourselves in the fact that we make a strong effort to give personal attention to each and every student who walks studies with us. About 30 percent of our students are kids and 70 percent adults, with the youngest at 2 years 8 months, and the most senior being 75 years old. We have expanded to three locations and at present have a steadily growing student base of just over one hundred and ten.


We are based in central Osaka. Our main school and office is in Oyodo, Kita-ku, about 10 minutes from JR Fukushima station. We have satellite (annex) schools in Toyonaka and Miyakojima-ku.


We offer three types of lessons:

Kids classes (average size = 6, max = 8 students)

General English conversation classes (max = 4 students)

TOEIC and TOEFL Classes (max = 4 students)

All classes are 50 minutes long. Private classes are also available. There is a slight discount for students who wish to study twice a week. We highly recommend that you take advantage of the twice a week system as you will definitely see faster and noticeable improvement.


Penguin currently runs classes according to the following schedule:

Oyodonaka School Tuesday ~ Friday

Toyonaka School Monday ~ Saturday

Miyakojima Kids School Wednesdays only

For more details about class times please contact Penguin Head Office in Kita-ku: Tel & fax: 06-6451-7799

Email: info@penguin-eikaiwa.com

Holidays: We are closed all Sundays, public holidays and in the case a typhoon warning is issued.

Please note that sometimes there will be months with only three classes/month and months with five classes /month. (Please read below regarding new 2003 schedule)

Obon holidays August-one week during Obon festivial Christmas holidays December 20 ~ January 5 As of April 2003 the schedule will slightly change.

We think that life should be enjoyed and in order to you need time. So, we have decided to offer 43 classes per year and increase the length of the holidays to ensure that both the students and our teachers can have the time to travel, visit home and really take a holiday. Everybody can come back feeling refreshed and ready for classes. Sometimes, we may offer special courses during the breaks for those who are really keen to study.


Sign up fee: There is a sign up fee of \10,000 that applies to all students. This includes a small get-started package, but does not include the main textbooks.

Monthly fee:

Once a week: Kids \8,000/month Adults \10,000/month

Twice a week: Adults \18,000/month Sorry we don't have twice a week classes for kids yet. But we are planning to offer them in the near future.

Privates: Adults \26,000/four classes a month