2001 Penguin Christmas Party: Every year Penguin has a Christmas party that is usually held at one of the wonderful local restaurants in Fukushima, Osaka, and in most cases they just happen to be restaurants that have just opened; talk about good timing! In 2001 we wined and dined at a Thai restaurant called Sweet Basil. The really friendly Thai and Japanese staff, the excellent authentic Thai food and the fun games made sure that a good time was had by all! It's amazing how a relaxed but fun ambience (and a bit of alcohol) can turn even the shiest of our students into ferocious English speakers!

2002 Penguin Christmas Party: This year's party was held at Ganapati an Indian restaurant with fantastic food, huge portions also located in Fukushima. Boy! We sure know how to choose them! The huge area in the restaurant meant heaps of room to play our traditional penguin games like bingo, English quizzes and other fun activities. We even managed to force everyone to make improving their English their new year's resolution! We'll pop the photos in the photo gallery soon.